What is Drive iQ?

Drive iQ is a web-based road safety and well-being programme that encourages users to reflect on their daily journeys. At the heart of Drive iQ is a self reflective questionnaire, 'bite-size' coaching modules and monthly micro-modules.

How does it work?

Drive iQ starts with a self-reflective quiz, followed by 10 mandatory ‘bite-size’ coaching modules, each of which take around 5 minutes to complete. On completion of the modules, the user will receive their Personal Drive iQ Score.

Users are invited to sign up to the Drive iQ Etiquette, their personal commitment to safe and considerate road travel.

Drive iQ also ensures ongoing user engagement and focus. This is achieved through a series of monthly micro-modules, each of which take less than 5 minutes.

Throughout the year, users have access to a selection of Quick Guides, providing useful hints, tips and techniques to help reinforce key messages. 

Who is it for?

Drive iQ is suitable for anyone who uses the road, including business drivers, grey fleet and commuters.

How do I access Drive iQ?

Drive iQ is accessible 24/7 using any web-enabled device, such as laptops, computers, tablets and mobile phones.

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